Meet Abby:
Two years old.  That's pretty young to find your passion but that's the age when Abby found her's.  It was a morning just like any other when her mom walked into the bathroom to find Abby sitting on the floor with makeup products sprawled across the floor and lipstick all over her face.  Her mom didn't know it at the time but this would be a pivotal moment in Abby's life.  It was the moment when she found her first love - makeup.

Flash forward to Abby's adolescence when she became obsessed with the artistry of makeup. At sixteen, she began to study the greats like Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown, trying to absorb as much knowledge and technique as she could.  She strives to perfect her craft down to every detail.

Abby has a massive heart.  Running on coffee, art, and love, her main goal is to make you feel as gorgeous as possible for any special occasion.  Nothing drives her more than seeing the look on her client's face when they realize how gorgeous and special they look and feel.  She has been doing makeup professionally for five years now and airbrushing with the Temptu airbrush system for two years.